These National Organizations are information and advocacy resources for families and professionals. Many of these organizations provide a variety of services, others focus on more specific areas of concern.  It is best to contact each organization directly for a full description of services.


Assessible Playgrounds

Boundless Playgrounds, Inc. 1-877-268-6353


A Kids Exchange 1-914-428-1236  
AASK: Adopt a Special Kid 1-888-680-7349
Adoptive Families 1-800-372-3300
Jewish Children's Adoption Network 1-303-573-8113
National Adoption Center 1-800-862-3678
Spaulding for Children 1-248-443-7080

Architectural Accessibility

Center for Universal Design 1-800-647-6777


National Arts and Disability Center 1-310-794-1141

Assistive Technology

Center For Best Practices in Early Childhood Education 1-309-298-1634
New Hampshire Assistive Technology Center 1-603-528-3060  
Lekotek's CompuPlay Programs 1-800-366-7529

Bereavement Support

Center for Loss in Multiple Birth (CLIMB), Inc. 1-907-222-5321
The Compassionate Friends, Inc. 1-877-969-0010
Pen-Parents 1-702-826-7332
Pregnancy and Infant Loss Center 1-952-473-9372


La Leche League International 1-800-525-3243

Child Care

Child Care Plus+ The Center on Inclusion  Early Childhood 1-800-235-4122
The Canadian Special Link National Center for Child Care Inclusion 1-800-840-5465

Developmental Disabilities

AAC-RERC on Communication Enhancement 1-919-681-9983
Developmental Delay Registry 1-301-652-2263

Early Intervention

Pathways Awareness Foundation 1-800-955-2445


National Coalition of Title 1-202-291-8100  


Electronic Industries Foundation 1-703-907-7400
Job Opportunities for the Blind 1-410-659-9314
Just One Break, Inc. 1-212-785-7300
Mainstream 1-301-891-8777
National Industries for the Severely Handicapped 1-703-560-6800
Parents Alliance Employment Project 1-630-495-4345  


Advocates Across America 1-480-917-0955
The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) 1-800-424-3410
Association of University Centers on Disabilities 1-301-588-8252
The Arc of the United States 1-301-565-3842
Birth Defect Research for Children 1-407-895-0802
Children's Defense Fund 1-800-233-1200
Council for Exceptional Children 1-888-232-7733
Easter Seals 1-800-221-6827
Family Voices 1-888-835-5669
KDWB Variety Family Center 1-612-626-3087
March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation 1-888-663-4637
National Family Caregivers Association 1-800-896-3650
National Father's Network of Washington State 1-425-747-4004
National Vaccine Network 1-703-938-0342
NICHCY (Nat. Inf. Ctr. for Children & Youth with Disabilities 1-800-695-0285
NPA: National Perinatal Association 1-888-971-3295
NPND: National Parent Network on Disabilities 1-202-463-2299
RESNA 1-703-524-6686
The Roeher Institute 1-416-661-9611  
SNAP: Special Needs Advocate for Parents 1-888-310-9889
STOMP: Specialized Training of Military Parents 1-800-572-7368
The Univ. of Montana Rural Institute: A Center for Excellence in
Developmental Disabilties, Research, Education and Service
1-800-732-0323 http://www.ruralinstitute,
World Institute on Disability 1-510-763-4100


BridgeMar Research Foundation 1-708-672-7599
Genetic Alliance 1-800-336-4363
Hereditary Disease Foundation 1-310-5759656


National Health Council 1-202-785-5923
St. Mary's Healthcare System for Children 1-718-281-8800

Hospitality Housing/Hospice

Children's Hospice International 1-800-242-4453
Hospitality Program (Boston Area) 1-617-482-4338
National Association of Hospital Hospitality Houses 1-800-542-9730

Independent Living

Disabled and Alone/Life Services for the Handicapped, Inc. 1-800-995-0066
Independent Living Research Utilization Program 1-713-520-0232

Information & Referrals

Brave Kids 1-415-561-2393
National Christian Resource Center 1-800-369-4636  

Legal Assistance

DREDF: Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund 1-800-466-4232
National Association of Protection and Advocacy Systems 1-202-408-9514
Pike Institute on Law and Disability 1-617-353-2904

Medical Travel/Transportation

National Patient Travel Center 1-800-296-1217


The Alexis Foundation for Premature Infants & Children 1-877-253-9470

Rare Disorders

Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders 1-877-302-7273
MUMS: National Parent to Parent Network 1-877-336-5333
NORD: National Organization for Rare Disorders 1-203-746-6518


Easter Seals/March of Dimes National Council 1-416-932-8382
Easter Seals 1-800-221-6827

Respite Care

National Respite Locator Service 1-800-773-5433'locator.htm


American Self-Help Group Clearinghouse 1-973-326-6789
National Self-Help Clearinghouse 1-212-817-1822


Sexuality Information and Education Council of the U.S. 1-212-819-9770

Sibling Support

Sibling Support Project 1-206-527-5712

Suicide Prevention

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention 1-212-363-3500


Friends' Health Connection 1-800-483-7436

Toy Lending & Adaptations

The National Lekotek Center 1-800-366-7529

Training Programs

Project DOCC: Delivery of Chronic Care 1-877-773-8747 http://www.ProjectDOCC.rg


Mobility International USA 1-541-343-1284
SATH: The Society for the Advancement of Travel for the
          Handicapped & Elderly

Wish Organizations

Children's Hopes and Dreams Wish Fulfillment Foundation 1-973-361-7366
Children's Wish Foundation International 1-800-323-9474
Grant-A-Wish/The Children's Promise Foundation 1-800-933-5470
Make-A-Wish Foundation of America 1-800-722-9474
Sunshine Foundation 1-800-767-1976  
The Children's Wish Foundation of Canada 1-800-700-4437
The Dream Factory 1-800-456-7556