Why did God create my child with a disability?

In Scripture we are told that we are all created in the likeness of God, or 'in His image.'  God is without sin, so when we are created we are without sin.  Unfortunately, the world into which we enter is NOT without sin.  Satan is the father of all sin. We are told that all sin and sickness entered into the world through Satan working in Adam and Eve.  This tells us that every physical, mental, emotional or behavioral condition which keeps us from perfection is the direct result of sin.  Therefore, genetic problems didn't exist before Adam and Eve sinned.  Neither did respiratory issues, seizure disorders, or any of the other illnesses or health problems that we have in our lives. 

Satan is the father of all sin, but did he create your child instead of God?  Absolutely not.  Did he create the sin that affects their health.  Yes.  But guess what?  The God that hung the stars in space by just speaking a few words?  That's the God who created your child. The God who breathes the breath of all life into the living - that's the God who breathed life into your child.  The God who clothed Himself in flesh and lived a sinless life, yet humbly walked to a death on the cross to pay the price for those sins - that's the God who loves your child. 

Does sin in this world cause us problems?  Sure it does.  Does it affect our lives in terrible ways?  Absolutely.  But it's not bigger than God because He's already defeated it.  He defeated it on a lonely cross 2000 years ago.  Your child is loved and adored by the King of all creation, by the Great Physician Himself and any sin that affects his or her health has already been defeated too.  We have all been created to bring Him glory.  For no other reason, but to know Him and glorify Him.  Your child is already doing that.  With each breath taken  he or she bares manifest witness to the Glory of God.

Why hasn't God healed my child?

Perhaps this is the most haunting question for a parent of a special need child.  "Why hasn't God healed my child?  I've prayed and prayed and my child has not been healed.  Why?  All through out the Bible God healed people so why is He silent now when I'm praying for my own child?"  

We can find many examples of God healing His children when they cried out to Him for healing.  Sarah and Hannah both suffered from infertility and God opened their wombs and gave them Issac and Samuel.  Namaan was a leper who wasn't even Jewish but was healed through the faith of his little Jewish servant girl.  In the New Testament Jesus healed lepers, the lame, blind and deaf - He even brought Lazarus back to life.  And yet we can also find examples of people who weren't healed.  Moses stutter. Saul's recurring depression. Jonathon's physical disability.  Paul's eyesight and shaky hands. Why did God heal some and not others?  

In all cases healing occurred to draw God's children into a closer relationship with him.  Sometimes it served to build the faith of the person being healed or those close to them.  Sometimes it didn't occur, teaching patience and reliance while revealing the sovereignty of God.  In all cases it brought God glory.

For most of us we'd like to think that if God just healed our loved one then we would have this phenomenal faith walk and be super committed to living for Him.  If God just met our needs, if He just 'showed Himself' this one time, this one way we'd be so diligent in our service to Him.  Why doesn't He just give us this one chance to show Him?  Probably because He's seen it before and knows the outcome would be far different.  

Consider the children of Israel.  They were in bondage to Egypt.  They cried out to be freed.  God not only freed them but did it in a spectacular way that left no doubt about His existence.  Plagues and the angel of death swept through Egypt before Pharoah would let God's people go.  When they were leaving and came to the Red Sea a tremendous wind parted the waters so they could cross.  Once across the seas came down again and drowned the guards chasing them.  As they traveled God provided a pillar of light for them at night and a cloud to shield them from the scorching sunshine during the day.  He provided water from rocks, clothes that didn't wear out, manna from Heaven and quail upon demand.  He fought their battles, punished evil and rewarded good. And the Israelites had a tremendous faith walk right?  They loved and adored this all powerful God that provided everything they needed right? WRONG!

The Israelites whined and complained about everything - even begging to go back to slavery in Egypt because they didn't have spices for their food!  As soon as Moses left them and went up onto the mountain the Israelites melted all their jewelry down to make an Idol to worship.  It didn't matter that they had seen every possible need of theirs met in a dramatic fashion - the closer God drew towards His people, paradoxically the more distant they felt from Him.

The response of the Israelites offer us an important insight into the inherent limits of all power.  Power can do everything but the most important thing.  It cannot control love.  No amount of omnipotence could make the Israelites trust and follow God.  Love does not operate according to the rules of power.  Perhaps this is why God seems hesitant to use His power to heal our loved ones.  In the end He knows it will do nothing to foster our love for Him and may in fact distance us from Him.


Why does God allow my child to suffer?

We know that even though God is fair, life is not.  When sin entered into this world all fairness departed.  God's love for your child does not depend upon your child's physical health.  Our physical health is not God's primary concern, however, our Spiritual health is His primary concern.  We have been created to have a relationship with Him and for that we need to be Spiritually healthy.  We do not need to have physical, emotional or mental healing to have a relationship with God.  We have been created to bring God glory and to commune with Him.  Many times we bring God the greatest glory in the midst of our pain and suffering.  

Remember Joseph?  Talk about suffering!  He was sold into slavery, then later as a slave falsely accused of attempted rape and thrown in prison.  Yet, he never let his circumstances dictate his faith.  Rather, his faith kept his circumstances in perspective.  

There is no suffering that your child is experiencing that our Heavenly Father isn't also experiencing at the same time.  He never promised us a life free from suffering, however, He did promise to never leave us or forsake us.  He is in your child, the one who is suffering, not in that which is causing the suffering.


My disabled child will never be able to understand the plan of salvation.
Will my child still go to Heaven?

  We are told in Scripture that our Heavenly Father is a God of mercy and of justice.  We are told in Luke 12:48b, "From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded: and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked."   We can restate this Scripture in reverse and it will still be true.  The reverse would be "to whom less is given, less is required."  God recognizes the limitations that your child may have.  He does not hold them responsible for something they cannot comprehend.  That would hardly be the actions of a just God nor those of a merciful God.   God knows your child's intellectual limitations and will only hold him or her responsible for that which they are capable of understanding.  Jesus said that the sin that condemns a man is the sin of unbelief.  It is not our physical bodies that choose whether or not to believe that Jesus is our Savior.  That decision is made with our minds or hearts.  So regardless, of whether your child's physical body is that of an 8 year old or an 80 year old, if their mental capabilities prevent them from understanding the plan of salvation they will still go to Heaven when they die.