Mysterious Lord of Life and Death, a very part of my own life has died in the death of my child.
My soul is weighed down with sorrow and bears the wound of a lifelong scar.
Send to me Your angel of consolation for the pain is heavy and deep.

 Come to my aid, Lord of Mercy, for I lack the power of the holy parent, Abraham,
who was willing in obedience to Your command, to sacrifice to You his beloved son, Isaac.

 Lord God, You who are also a parent surely know my pain at the loss of my beloved child
who has been taken from my side by death.

Do not take my tears and sorrow as a sign of my unbelief that all who have died are resurrected to eternal life in You,
but, rather, see in these tears a sign of my great love for my child.

As I held him in the embrace of love, may You, his Divine Parent, hold him close to Your heart forever.

Help me, Lord, for I do not seek to understand the why of this mystery of death
as much as I desire to accept it in a holy way and to be healed and once again whole.

Support me, my Lord and God, and wrap me in your gentle love as I attempt to carry this bitter cross
as Your Son, Jesus, carried the cross which you gave to Him.


from Prayers For The Domestic Church by Edward Hays



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