Through Justin's Eyes
Lea Ann Reynolds
December 28, 1989


I met a child years ago....and yet, was only yesterday

I held this child in my arms.

He touched my life.

He changed my heart

He was no ordinary child for this child

had the eyes of an angel

He could not speak words....this child....

and yet together we sang

We sang of far away places where there

is no pain....of rainbows....of stars

....of Jesus....who bore our pain

Tears were shed for this child; for his suffering

But there was something...something in his eyes.

Hearts were touched by this child

By his suffering

And yet....those eyes

Lives were changed because of this child

Because of his suffering

....those eyes...what was in his eyes?

As I held this child, something began to change

As I hugged this child, who could not hug me back,

....something began to change

My eyes?.... was my eyes that were changing.

As I loved this child I began to see....

To see what the child saw....

The child saw acceptance

The child saw love

The child saw Jesus

And through this child, I too began to see Jesus

Not just the Jesus born in a manger, but the Jesus

who suffered, and yet loved.

It was long ago....and yet....only yesterday

That this Jesus suffered for me

And yet....His eyes....something about His eyes

What did He see through His eyes?

He saw acceptance

He saw forgiveness

He saw love

He saw the Father

And like the child, He suffered

And like the Son, the child suffers no more.

And now the Son holds the child

And together they sing

And they wait....for those they love.

In the child's eyes, I found love

In the child's eyes, I found Jesus

And eyes must show the world.