Just Another Day
by Charlotte "Charlie" Volnek

Is it morning already?
I rub my eyes and get up to ready myself for just another day.
It's just another day...
I look out my window to see the sun beaming down, caressing the Earth with its golden rays.
Above, white clouds float in the brilliant blue sky.
I hear a cardinal singing to his mate as he perches upon my back fence.
And a bed of crocus open their purple heads to the heavens in joyful thankfulness.
It's just another day.
My small daughter bursts into the room, her giggle ringing through the house as she hugs my neck tightly.  Her small hand fits into mine as she pulls me to the kitchen to show me the card she has made.
A stick figure with curly brown hair waves from the paper and beneath it,
written in purple crayon are the words,
"I love you, Mommy."
It's just another day as I stand quietly and watch a handicapped child.
He struggles to get his special walker over the curb, but it won't budge.
A well-meaning teacher offers assistance, but he brushes her away.
With determination, he conquers the curb and is off to laugh and play with his friends.
I weep inside for his handicap, but I am inspired by his courage.
And I smile as I watch the children play,
totally accepting their friend for who he is,
not judging him for what he lacks.
It's just another day.
My son proudly presents the report he did for school.
He shares with me the hopes and dreams he holds for his future.
His curiosity and excitement are contagious as we unfold the limitless possibilities that lay before him.
I am encouraged that no dream is beyond our reach if we want it bad enough.
It's just another day.
My beloved wraps his arms around me and surrounds me in love.
I turn to look in the eyes that share my innermost feelings.
What a special friend I have.
Someone who loves me for who I am.
Someone to lean on when I feel down.
Someone to share my happiness.
Someone to love.
Yes, it is just another day.
A day to enjoy God's gracious beauty upon this Earth.
A day to kiss the cherub cheeks of my children, and share in their hopes and dreams.
A day to learn the value of determination and hard work.
A day to learn the value of judging mankind for the quality he has, not what he has not.
A day to learn the value of love.
Yes, it's just another day, I sigh.
The stars dance in the velvet sky as a full yellow moon smiles cheerfully down.
The house is quiet and still.
The only sound is the soft even breathing of my spouse.
I recall the scripture:  "This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it."  (Psalm 118:24)  And as I lay at the side of my soul mate I pray that God will let me see "just another day"!