"Lord, Send Me An Angel"
by Deborah Dee Simmons 1995

"Lord, send me an angel,"
I implored of Him one day...
For my footsteps often falter,
and at times I lose my way.

My shoulders have grown weary
with my burdens, large and small.
And I need someone to help me-
one who'll catch me if I fall."

Send one with endless tolerance,
whose patience knows no bounds,
Whose serenity has no equal...
whose sympathy abounds.

Send one whose ways are gentle,
with a sense of humor, too,
And one who'll love me always-
no matter what I do."

"Send one who'll boldly lead the way
and hold a light aloft,
To guide me o'er the rough terrain,
and calm me when distraught.

Send one whose courage paves the way-
o'er treacherous paths so steep,
Who'll give me skills and courage-
whose tenderness is deep."

"Send one who'll listen to my woes
and soothe my furrowed brow,
Who'll answer all my questions-
who'll teach me patience-now.

Who'll overlook my weakness-
inspire me to be strong,

Who'll judge me not too harshly-
if what I've done is wrong."
Send one who-when I'm anxious-
will listen to my pleas..

Whose gentle touch and whispered words
bring peaceful rest to me.
Whose jesting keeps me humble,
on whose judgment I rely,

Who'll laugh with me when I have erred,
who'll keep my spirits high."
The Lord looked down upon me
and with a Heavenly sigh,

He bade me not to worry-
for He'd heard my earnest cry.
Your thoughts are ever with Me,
your prayers go not unheard...

And I've answered all your wishes-
for have you not observed?
"...The gentle one about you-
with their wise and wond'rous ways?

I've sent you Heaven's brightest star
whose radiance lights the way.
Each one displays a talent-
and yes, each one's unique...

You know them as your special child
they are the 'angel' that you seek."