God On-Line 
Author Unknown


   God has a great computer,

   Somewhere, beyond the sky;

   It was booted-up the day,

   Our Savior, Jesus died.


   He's always up there on-line;

   Your buddy He will be.

   The passwords very simple:

   Christ died for you and me.


   The chat rooms always open,

   I M Him anytime...

   He never will ignore you;

   He's always there on-line.


   Even when we turn him off,

   The powers always there...

   He'll send an instant message,

   To show you that He cares.


   He keeps the lines all open,

   Don't worry 'bout your mail,

   The porno doesn't phase Him,

   He sends it straight to Hell.


   Accept His offer promptly,

   You know He does not lie...

   The price for being on-line

   Was paid the day Christ died.