Knock on Wood
by Patricia Ranier


Have you ever stopped to wonder

What it means to "knock on wood?"

Well, here's the way 'twas told to me,

'Twill make your heart feel good.


Christ walked the path to Calvary,

A bloody path to find

A hill where they would hang his cross,

To die for all mankind.


Crowds reached to touch his garments,

Or even see his face;

This Christ who loved man, one and all.

Their color, creed and race.


They wanted some memento,

For each would feel His loss -

But many men in reaching out

Touched but His wooden cross.


A feeling swelled within their souls,

'Twas one of hope and peace.

They knew that life's great blessings

For them would never cease.


And, so I wish you joy and love

And all the world's great good.

And on this Easter morn today,

For you, I knock on wood.