Your Child has a Problem
By Karen Hussey


Your child has a problem the doctor said

with a lump in my  throat I bowed my head

I called upon God and I started to pray

I asked him why things had to be that way.


The doctors appointments, the papers and forms,

dance in my mind like a hurricane storm.

I wanted to scream and I wanted to  shout,

I wanted to cry and throw things about.


I just want my child to laugh and have fun.

I want to ask God "Is it something I've done?"

I asked Him to change things, reverse things somehow.

He said he would not, but with strength I'm endowed.


So now there are days when I'm thankful and glad,

for the knowledge I've gained and experience I've had.

Through this child, My gift from above

I've learned to give comfort compassion and love.


I know there's a reason and it has to be

and I'll persevere with God close to me.