A Child In His Garden
by Carol Fitzpatrick

He left the gate open ever so slightly

Pushing it gently, I boldly peeked in at flowers standing in full array

He knew once I say it I'd surely want to stay.

I walked down the path that wound through the glade

Lush green tufts were home to bunnies who played

Finding a small white bench I sat and reflected.

'Till I felt the presence of someone coming near

If this is your garden, may I stay here a while?

He nodded while planting a fragrant pink rose.

Your flowers are so lovely I'm glad that I came

Please tell me, whatever is your name!

He looked deep into my eyes as peace flooded through me.

Then I knew that it wasn't a gardener sitting beside me

But the tenderest of souls wrapping protective arms

'Round my shoulders He said I'd never grow old.

No more will you wander afraid and alone

A flower on loan, my garden's fine treasure.

I missed you...So I called you home.