A Little Angel Is What She Is
written with great love by her daddy

She starts her day with a smiling face that lights up any room.
With hope in our hearts that maybe things will change for her soon.
At the age of five she does talk but senses that you know.
When she makes that face and gives you that look, you just say OK.
A little angel is what she is and heavenly sent from above.
For her times have been rough, but you wouldn't know it.
To walk seems far away for her, but she smiles just the same.
  To see her you see no signs, but to know her you just don't care.
A little angel is what she is to brighten your every day.
At first we question why, but learn not to question.
You wonder if it was something you did, just to take the blame.
 What God has sent, we know is good, so we accept it just the same.
Our little angel is what she is and in our prayers each day.
We ask God can we keep her and hope he says OK.
Dennisha, we love you!