By Becky Hutzel


If the wealth we seek, is of gemstone and gold
We may gain this world, and its' riches untold
We may have a house, with rooms to spare
Their walls adorned, with art so rare

And friendships filled, with prestige and fun
While we travel to isles, of sand and sun
Our bank accounts six digits may see
Though we'll find our souls, bankrupt as can be

For the truth must be told, that no riches compare
To heaven's own jewel so bright and fair
If Jesus is not, the prize we seek
All that we are, is sick and weak

And all that we own, is shadows and dust
Easily lost, and dangerous to trust
Yet if Jesus today, is enthroned in our hearts
The riches we'll gain, will never depart

For no rust can corrupt, the wealth of the soul
Where the riches of Christ, is our truest goal.