The Padded Cross
Author Unknown
Then Jesus said to His disciples, "If anyone wishes to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me."
 Matthew 16:24


Well, here I am Lord.

You said, "Take up your cross." and here I am to do it.

It's not easy, You know these days, this self-denial thing.

I really mean to go through with it though, yes sir.

I'll bet You wish more people were willing disciples like me.

 I've counted the cost and surrendered my life and ... "It's not an easy road."

You mind if I look over these crosses?

I'd kind of like a new one.

Not that I'm fussy, You understand, but a modern day disciple has to be relevant.


I was wondering...are there any that are vinyl padded?

I'm thinking of attracting others and if I could show them a comfortable cross I'm sure I could win a lot more.

We have to keep up with the times.


And I need something durable so that I can treasure it always and occasionally show it off to my friends.


Oh, perhaps there is one that is sort of flat so it would fit under my coat?

One shouldn't be too obvious. Funny, there doesn't seem to be much choice here.

Just course, rough wood, that's liable to hurt.


I mean, just being with You, that's all that counts.

Life has to have a balance too, but You don't understand, nobody lives that way today.

Who's going to be attracted by this self-denial bit?

I mean, I want to do what's right but let's not overdo it.

If I appear too radical they'll have me off to the funny farm or something.


I mean, being a disciple is challenging and exciting and I want to do it, but I do have some rights, don't I?


Now let's see...Well...we'll keep "Grace"....but, ah... No blood, OK?

I just can't stand the thought of that, Lord...........





 Now, where do you suppose He went?