Just Like Jesus 


 In the book, “Just Like Jesus” Max Lucado writes, “Why do Jesus and his angels rejoice over one repenting sinner?  Can they see something we can’t?  Do they know something we don’t?  Absolutely.  They know what heaven holds.  They’ve seen the table, and they’ve heard the music, and they can’t wait to see your face when you arrive.  Better still, they can’t wait to see you.  When you arrive and enter the party, something wonderful will happen.  A final transformation will occur.  You will be just like Jesus.  Drink deeply from 1 John 3:2; ‘We have not yet been shown what we will be in the future.  But we know that when Christ comes again, we will be like him.’  Of all the blessings of heaven, one of the greatest will be you!  You will be God’s magnum opus, his work of art.  The angels will gasp.  God’s work will be completed.  At last, you have a heart like his.  You will love with a perfect love.  You will worship with a radiant face.  You’ll hear each word God speaks.  Your heart will be pure, your words will be jewels, your thoughts will be treasures.  You will be just like Jesus.”

What a message.  Hidden in words God penned to us thousands of years ago;  revealed in a instant by His Holy Spirit.  The whispered promise to those who will listen, “No matter where you are or what you are struggling with today, because of Jesus there is a day coming that all of heaven is preparing to celebrate.  The day we welcome you home.”