by Kimberly Cook

The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms.
Deuteronomy 33:27

I recall seeing a poster many years ago as a teenager.
The picture on the poster was of a small kitten,
dangling in mid-air,
hanging on to the end of a rope with his front claws,
mouth wide open in a desperate meow,
with the caption, "Hang in there, baby!" 

How many times do we feel like that kitten,
frantically hanging on to the end of our rope,
crying for help as we slowly lose our grip?
Our life is falling apart,
problems keep coming at us,
one after another,
and no sooner do we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel
when we lose ground once again.
We hang on to the rope of our own abilities,
struggling for all we're worth,
trying our best to keep everything together,
yet knowing we're failing.
Our frantic cries and prayers for help seem to echo in an endless void,
and we wonder where God is and if He even hears us.

Let us never forget that God is our loving Father,
and when we reach the end of our rope and let go,
His everlasting arms are waiting to catch us and keep us safe.
When we finally do let go of our own striving and worry,
and fall into His waiting arms,
He can at last take our burdens away from us,
and provide for our needs in a miraculous way....
all we need to do is let go.
For a Christian,
the poster I described above
would be better illustrated with the caption,
"Let go, beloved!,"
and beneath the kitten
you'd see the hands of the One who loves it,
waiting to catch it and keep it safe.

in the midst of your worries and fears,
let go and fall into the loving arms of your Father.
When you reach the end of all you can do,
let go and know that He will catch you.
Trust in Him and His love for you,
and know that His provision will come in His perfect timing.
God is good,
and has only good plans for His children.

today as we face worries of many kinds -
and more -
help us to let go of our striving and struggles,
and to fall into Your everlasting arms.
You alone are our refuge,
You alone are all that we need.
Help us to believe,
forgive us for our unbelief and draw us ever closer to You.

In Jesus' name,