A Letter to My Daughters

    Listen to Me my daughters.  Listen and understand.  Depression is a lie of the devil used especially against My daughters.  Is has been hand crafted and fine tuned by Satan's best workmen - then presented to you as a comforting gift.  When it was delivered you didn't even realize that you had accepted it.  It came packaged in a way that will cause you to desire it. It came quietly, discreetly -- secretly, disguised in the warmth of sympathy.  Wrapping itself around you like a blanket of protection.

     It may have been delivered while you were a child -- during a time of real or imagined neglect.  It may have come at a time of mental, emotional or physical abuse.  I may have been delivered during your teenage years when you felt unattractive -- or when you felt left out.  It may have come when you felt awkward among your friends or when you were treated badly.  It may have been delivered when you discovered marriage was not as "wonderful" as courtship and daily family life pressed hard upon you.  Perhaps it came when you couldn't find a job, when sickness attacked your body or during a time when you were mourning the loss of a loved one.  It may have entered that day you looked at others and imagined them to be and to have all the things you were hoping for.  They had answers, healings, prosperity - while you seemed to be in depurate circumstances.  The day the enemy seized the opportunity to deliver his package was the day you began to question yourself.  You began to turn inward and became a victim of circumstances - things were happening TO you instead of around you.  You began to ask "why", "what sense does it make", "why me", and on and on.

     Whenever the enemy shipped his deceitful package -- whatever circumstance he used as a cover doesn't matter now.  Depression takes on a life of its own.  Once it was accepted into your life it was given its own existence.  It is like a diseased cell which was introduced into your body.  At first it was almost undetectable.  But, it fed on each painful circumstance, each tear you cried, each hurtful word or deed that others -- in their own hurt and pain -- directed at you.  It grew and became strong, sending roots into your heart giving you false comfort while speaking lies of accusation.  Its questions became louder and bolder as it grew stronger until it questioned your very existence.  It was there at every turn with its "comforting" arm around you whispering in your ear words of discouragement.  "You can't" - "you won't" - "never" - "couldn't" - "shouldn't" ------  Trying with all the power it can gain from your own agreement, to steal one of My children from Me.  His attack is not only on you. It is on ME.  Satan is working to steal My precious children - to rob them of their blessings.  He comes ONLY to kill - steal - and to destroy.  Recognize him, catch him in his hateful and hurtful conversations with you.  He is the voice of discouragement - despair - rejection.  His conversations always contain negative words - he talks about hate and gives reasons for anger.  He encourages you to confess that you are " sick of " something so he will have a right to place sickness and disease upon you.  He will constantly remind you of your limitations and inability.  He sounds logical - he agrees with your negative emotions and tells you that you have a right to "feel" the way you do.  His ideas are easy to accept - they seem to be what "everyone" says - they spread from one to another with the transference of pain.  He is ready at a moments notice to be your "friend" - confirm all the negativity.  This "friend" is stealing your confidence, your peace and your joy.  The longer he is allowed to speak the longer you stay entangled in the web of depression.  He keeps you talking under the pretense of "understanding" or gaining "knowledge" about yourself.  He is a liar!

     He is never at a loss for words.  He seeks to lure you into his arms of despair.  The comfortable place he has made for your discussions is formed only to take you from Me and from all that I have planned for you.  You are appointed for a purpose.  He is aware of that.  You are unique - there is no one else just like you.  The attack on you is proof of your danger to him.

     Be aware of this "friend" who reaches out to lead you into darkness.  The closer he comes the more empty you feel.  You are ashamed, you want to hide.  The tears are unending and the pain is unbearable.  You can not hide.  The battleground is in your mind.  No one can pull you out of the imaginations of your own mind.  In the physical realm you battle alone.  In the spiritual realm you are NEVER alone.  You are my child - you have been given the power to defeat Satan.  You have been given the spirit of power and of love and of a sound mind.  You can recognize him - you can defeat him.

 "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear;
      but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."
 2 Timothy 1:7  KJV

     Picture yourself on the battlefield, you are standing against the enemy with his army waiting to attack.  Then turn - look behind you.  You are NOT alone.  I AM with you always.  I have sent my army to protect, and keep you.  They wait to hear your battle cry.  They wait for you to put them in motion.  Both armies move at your command.  Which army will you put in motion?

     My Son came that you would have the power to defeat the enemy.  Speak in His name.  Turn to Him, trust in Him, believe in Him.  Jesus is the way the truth and the life.  He is the way out of the enemy camp.  He is the truth of who you are.  He has provide life for you through His sacrifice. 

 "I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing:
therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live:" 
Deuteronomy 30:19  KJV


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