Standing In The Gap

I'll stand in the gap for my son
I'll stand till the victory's won
This one thing I know, that You love him so
And your work with my child is not done

I'll stand in the gap every day
And there I will fervently pray
And Lord, just one favor, don't let me waver
If things get quite rough, which they may 

I'll never give up on that boy
Nor will You for You promised him joy
For I know it was true, when he said "Yes" to You
Though the enemy seeks to destroy 

I'll not quit as I intercede
For You are his Savior indeed
Though it may take years, I give you my fears
As I trust every moment I plead 

And so in the gap I will stand
Heeding your every command
With help from above, I unconditionally love
And soon he will reach for your hand.



Ezekiel 22:30 says ďI looked for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it, but I found none.Ē I have been praying over Nathan every night now for almost a month.  Oh, I had always been praying, as all mothers do, but I just started laying down beside him or kneeling by his bed EVERY SINGLE NIGHT and I cannot begin to express in words what that has done for him!  Suddenly the school system comes out of nowhere with a specialized personal aide for Nathan that has caused him to improve by leaps and bounds in just a week!  Not only that, but his outbursts of violence and aggression have stopped.  This is the truth as I am sitting here.  I also started him on B complex vitamins every day as well.  But I know the prayer is the main thing.  Now Nathan comes to me with all his concerns from the day, asking me to help him pray.  My, I canít hardly even listen to him without crying!  He KNOWS that God hears and answers prayer and he wants to take every little thing to Him.  Even to the point of asking Him for help in his video games.  I caught myself telling him he couldnít pray about that, but I stopped.  I mean, if itís important to Nathan itís important to my Lord, and Nathan will realize more as he grows and matures what is right to pray about and what he can do on his own.  Iím just so happy, and I had to share this.  Giving God the glory is the only way I know, and Iím learning more from my 7 year old than Iíve learned in years of personal study,

God bless you all today!